1st place for wood-fibre-insulated home in the Solar Decathlon Europe

1st place for wood-fibre-insulated home in the Solar Decathlon Europe

RhOME for denCity, the apartment building concept of Roma Tre University, insulated with HOMATHERM® insulating materials, was awarded first place at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

With “RhOME for denCity” Italy won yet another world champion title – for the best residential home supplied exclusively with solar power, in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. 20 teams from Europe, Asia and North and South America took part in this interdisciplinary student competition, facing the expert jury and the audience in a two-week test in ten disciplines, in the castle park of Versailles. In order to achieve the best scores in the individual categories, such as e.g. “Innovation”, “Energy Efficiency” and “Sustainability”, the residential building RhOME for denCity in modern wooden construction, was insulated with environmentally friendly insulating materials from HOMATHERM®.
Densification and saving resources – these were the main themes at the 3rd Solar Decathlon Europe. Each university team was called upon to formulate answers to the pressing urban-planning, social and environmental problems in their respective countries of origin with a design for a private residential house. RhOME for denCity is designed as a 60 square-metre attic that creates extra inner-city living space with its densification of an existing apartment building and produces more electricity than it uses thanks to intelligent planning and building technology. For this, a moving photovoltaic plant is placed upon the roof and facade of the prototype, which at the same time provides shade for the south terrace.
Heat protection is a particularly great challenge in more southerly latitudes, if one wants to do without the usual air-conditioning systems. The wooden elements for walls and ceilings prefabricated in South Tirol by the prime contractor Rubner Haus were therefore provided with natural wood-fibre insulation from HOMATHERM®. Whereas the asymmetrical gabled roof was completely insulated with a layer of 240-millimetre thick flexible holzFlex® insulating batts plus 80-millimetre compression-resistant HDP-Q11 protect insulating boards, the entrance facade rendered in a vibrant red is equipped with the HOMATHERM® composite thermal insulation system EnergiePlus comfort. Here and behind the larch-wood cladding, 80 millimetres of insulation made from renewable raw materials insulate and also pro-tect against excessive heat build-up as well as against heat losses and sound transferral.

Under the scientific direction of Dr. Arch. Chiara Tonelli, the team from Roma Tre University (Italy) took first place with a total score of 840, ahead of the student teams from Nates (France) and TU Delft (Netherlands). The aim of the Solar Decathlon Europe is to promote solar construction, especially as regards technical development, economically and socially rational implementation and the training of students in this field. The participants are able to gather experience and knowledge in an innovative, realistic building and to solve practically relevant tasks. 20 prototypes from Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Rumania, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the USA were transported to Versailles and set up and operated for a two-week exhibition. At the site, the homes were evaluated in ten disciplines and rated by an expert jury. In this way, the Solar Decathlon wants to increase awareness and knowledge of the possibilities of energy-efficient construction and the use of renewable energy sources among students and experts as well as among the general public.