High-quality isolation.
Sustainable living.

HOMATHERM®’s product and customer service quality standards are our hallmark. We assure our customers of our quality and we expect the same from our suppliers. We shall keep our promises irrespective of the effort demanded of us, which reflects in our assurances and actions and renders us your guaranteed reliable partner.

HOMATHERM® accepts responsibility for its actions and proactively takes the initiative, since we will always admit to and learn from our faults. Our relationship with our customers, suppliers and colleagues is cooperative, open and fair and based on mutual respect and trust.

Success comes not by chance

The Homann Group has been working with wood as a raw material ever since 1929.

HOMATHERM® produces the world’s first flexible cellulose insulation board, the flexCL®, at its new works in Berga, Sachsen-Anhalt.

Market launch of the HOMATHERM holzFlex® – the first fully three-dimensionally cross-linked flexible wood fibre insulation board.

Commissioning of the new wood fibre preparation plant. This investment represents a technological leap in the development of wood fibre insulating materials and creates a foundation for generations of new products.

Production of HOMATHERM® Q11 insulation boards.

New plant for the production of fineFloc® loose cellulose fill.

Opening of the new works in Chamouilley, France – new production line for flexible wood fibre insulating batts exclusively for the French market.

Market launch of EnergiePlus FR – CTIS certified flameproof wood fibre insulation board.

Following nature’s example

Sustainable living to us means harnessing the forces of nature, using natural resources to create a healthy living environment lasting well into the future. Our major accomplishments are based on nature’s examples.

HOMATHERM® insulating materials exploit these capacities for intelligent building solutions. A new technical mindset is based on detailed examination of natural raw materials and in-depth investigation into the demands of modern architecture.

Natural HOMATHERM® insulating materials are adapted to the constantly changing demands of modern construction as successfully as life is adapting to new circumstances.

Intelligent symbiosis

Modern insulating materials are HOMATHERM®’s response to the challenge of sustainable production and operation. Accepting responsibility for the future, however, implies more than simply consistent use of renewable raw materials.
We are simultaneously working on permanently improving the symbiosis between ecology and high-tech. The basis is our unique and high-tech manufacture, our investment in research and development and especially our greatest asset – our highly qualified staff.

Avail yourself of nature’s advantages

Use wood and cellulose materials to achieve both high quality and sustainable insulation. We offer you solutions for insulation using:

Quality is our future

Quality of product and customer service at market-driven prices is our guiding and inalienable principle. We endeavour to hone our innovative skills day by day and to constantly improve our performance.