HOMATHERM® flexible insulation batts: Changeover to non-returnable pallets

HOMATHERM<sup>®</sup>  flexible insulation batts: Changeover to non-returnable pallets

We’re making it easy for you!

From 1st September 2014 the delivery of the flexible insulation batts from HOMATHERM®
will be switched to non-returnable pallets.

The dimensions of the non-returnable pallets are the same as the previous pallet measurements. The non-returnable pallets prevent the products from bending or snapping. In addition to this they are made of mint-condition wood and are free from signs of use.

The advantages for you:
– Simplification of the logistical process, i.e. in future, no pallets must be returned to our factory from your or your customer’s premises or the construction site.
HOMATHERM® has signed an agreement with Interseroh AG for the disposal of the transport packaging in the form of the non-returnable pallets, through which this can be handled.
– Omission of the “tiresome” exchanging procedure
– Elimination of sorting work and managing of pallet accounts

Result: simplification of your everyday work!

If you have any questions concerning this changeover to non-returnable pallets we will be happy to answer them for you.

Yours sincerely
Your HOMATHERM®-team