Application tips on HOMATHERM® products

HOMATHERM® offers you many accessories for composite thermal insulation systems; they are flexible in their application to suit your needs, enabling professional processing of the plaster base board using the appropriate tools.

Working with HOMATHERM®

Manual and mechanical application of wood fibre and cellulose products.

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Using pressure-fit to install our insulating material products.

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HOMATHERM® insulation boards may be bonded to solid concrete or brick building elements as well as to timber constructions.

Most mineral building adhesives are suitable for bonding to solid building elements. Wood glue is normally used on wooden building elements. Mineral adhesives are applied to the insulation board or building element using a notched trowel as used for laying tiles. Use the straight side of the trowel or a spatula to apply wood glue. After the adhesive has been applied the insulation is glued on full-surface.